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My Entry to Bullet Jam 2021, and my first ever actuall turn in for a Game Jam ever:

What is Your Channel:

It's a Twitch Chat integrated Bullet Hell Game, where the Streamer Plays against the Chat.

Periodically the Game will Request Patterns from the Chat to be Queued up in the Next waves of Patterns thrown against the Streamer. 2 Hits, and you're out!

How's it working?
You Start the Game, and enter your Twitch Channel's name -and TheClusterKraken should join your channel:

It will greet and ask for "love" which in terms of the Game means Patterns that the Chat wants you to avoid.

10 Slots each Wave can be filled, the first one to start the Love-Train will start the 10 Second Window for others to join in too!

What if I am not a Twitch Streamer?
You can toggle on Singleplayer Mode and start an endless run against random Patterns.'

Who are you?
I am Nahro1001 - small Hobby Dev from Vienna - and little league Streamer:

Music provided by Tobu & NCS Music


Install instructions

- Unzip
- Start YourChannel.exe

- Done!


YourChannel.rar 26 MB

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